Residential building 23

The building is situated in the eastern part of Split, sloping towards the sea, within an area governed by strict planning regulations. The project’s concept aimed to leverage these constraints as design assets. Within the specified parameters, we crafted the building volume as a “floating” box resting on hammered concrete retaining walls below.

To enhance its visual appeal and identity, three metal “attachments” were incorporated into the solid plastered core volume. These attachments, painted in an intense blue color, serve as architectural highlights, emphasizing their role in the composition.

Functionally, the building is organized into a vertical system. The lower ground floor comprises a garage, storage areas, and the building entrance, while the upper floors house apartments and the vertical core. The building culminates with two penthouses at the top.


Arhipolis d.o.o.; Neno Kezić

Dal-koning, Split

Year of completion

Split, Croatia

Total area
1.850 m2

Site area
1.431 m2

Neno Kezić, Ljudevit Blagec

Project Partners

Moenium doo, Win-projekt

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