Reconstruction and extension of the Palffy’s manor

Pálffy Manor is not only one of the oldest monuments of the ancient town of Svätý Jur, but it is also an important part of its more than 700 years of wine-growing tradition. However, it did not always have the form of a manor house. Historical sources remember it more as a ‘landlord’s’ or ‘royal’ cottage, with a garden with vineyards adjacent to it. The latest design further extends the wine-making function of the manor house, with the addition of a new wine-making facility in the gardens of the castle and the addition of a new cellar under the manor house courtyard. Along with the winery, the brewery extension was designed and restaurant, accommodation, cultural, congress and event functions were also included in the programme.


GFI, a.s.; Pavol Franko, Radoslav Grečmal, Peter Kopčák, Katarína Hučková, Martin Leňka, Katarína Blahútová, Dulik Miloš, Martin Janáči

Kaštiel Palffy

Year of completion

Bratislava, Slovakia

Matej Hakár

Stage 180°

Project Partners

AMJ – STAV s.r.o.

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