PROVIDE efficient brand positioning among architects, CLIENTS and other professionals.


BIG SEE shakes up, connects and promotes Southeast Europe as singular region that is strong enough to face the future of the world. It has a proud identity, millennia-long experience of multicultural co-existence, and a unique ability to think out of the box.

BIG SEE Awards

BIG SEE Awards were launched as regional awards to systematically explore and promote the creative and business potential of Southeast Europe. With the ambition of connecting creativity beyond regional boundaries, they have outgrown regional frameworks and become international. Nowadays BIG SEE Awards contribute to unique and original creative achievements in architecture, interior, product and fashion design globally.

Who are Partners?

Manufacturers, contractors and suppliers in architectural ecosystem.

Partner’s Benefits

  • Brand excellence recognition
  • Networking with the business and creative elite
  • Flexible and cost-effective promotional concept
  • Projects submissions for the BIG SEE Awards (see here)


  • 21 countries (more here)
  • 350 million people
  • 55.000+ visitors
  • 500+ exhibitors
  • 30.000+ readers



Price: 6.000 €

  • Big Architecture Festival
    • Trade Show object 
    • Organised meetings with architects (up to 3-4)
    • Stage 180˚ presentations (2 to 3 times)
    • Novelty announcement
    • Logo on event’s website, e-invitations and event displays
    • 20 VIP daily tickets (for guests)
  • BIG SEE Grand Prix Award Ceremony with Dinner
    • Main stage video presentation (up to 5 seconds)
    • Logo on the main stage panel
    • 2 VIP invitations with dinner



Price: 6.000 €

  • Website
    • Brand profile (yearly)
    • Advertorial (30 days)
    • Leaderborad (15 days)
  • Social media
    • FB Campaign A: reach 36.000-102.000
    • Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter Posts
  • Free entrance to the Big Architecture Festival



Big Architecture Festival

(May 19, 2023, L56, Ljubljana)

Big Architecture Festival is the leading business and educational event related to advanced architecture in the region. It is intended to strengthen the business success and attractiveness of Southeast Europe by researching, evaluating, and promoting architectural excellence.


(250 x 125 x 250 cm)

Price: 5.000 €

+ Novelty

1-3 photos with 500 characters; new products/solutions to be published on Festival’s website from April 19 to May 19 (see here).

+ Exhibitor’s logo

On event’s website, e-invitations and event displays.

+ Stage 180˚ presentations

Short (3 min, 10 slides, 2 to 3 times) presentations about awarded project / new materials / advanced solutions / visions.

BIG SEE Winners’ Exhibition

(May 19, 2023, L56, Ljubljana)

Logo Powered by

Logo at the Big Architecture Festival (May 19) on exhibition’s introduction billboard. Logo on the website in Powered by section for one year at all winning project, see here.

Price: 1.000 €

BIG SEE Grand Prix Award Ceremony

(May 19, Grand hotel Union, Ljubljana)

Video presentation and logo

(Video up to 5 seconds, logo at main stage’s panel)

Price: 1.200 €

Dinner Party

Price: 70 € / person

Project submission

Registration fees: from 100 €
Winner’s packages: from 1.000 €

More information here.

Brand profile

(yearly, see here)

Price: 1.000 €

Partners have a privilege to show their professional excellence through their website brand profiles. Brand profile renders possible website highlights by:

  • exclusive company reference card: 2,000 characters, 3-5 images, logo b&w, website links & social media channels, HQ address, showroom locations, market sector, contacts
  • connecting a brand with its winning BIG SEE projects
  • front page exposure in randomly featured brand’s section
  • brand profile in “Partners” section
  • presentation of up to 3 featured products / projects (text, images / link to your brand’s product video)
  • possible inclusion of other contents (advertorials, interviews, video clips)
  • ongoing profile update: description, photos, contacts etc.
  • references and featured products update (once per year)


(30 days, front page)

Price: 1.600 €

Randomly featured article providing an in-depth insight of a brand.


(15 days, front page)

Price: 1.500 €

Advertising campaign in a visually striking way, 1000×180 px, jpg, link.

Logo carousel

(yearly, front page)

Price: 800 €

Logo in bottom carousel.

Social Media

(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Our bespoke posts offer a comprehensive insight into your company through brand profile presentation and enable a great opportunity to reach target groups in a specific market.


(one post in all BIG SEE social media channels)

Price: 600 €

Facebook campaigns

(sponsored FB post with the link to a partner’s Facebook and website project and Brand profile)

a) 36.000-102.000

Price: 800 €

b) 57.000-160.000

Price: 1.200 €

c) 99.000-288.000

Price: 2.500 €







For questions and remarks, please feel free to contact Živa Novak,, mobile: +386 51 666 623.