October 8 – November 8, 2019

The 17th Month of Design shall attract the most proactive creators from the 19 Southeast European countries by means of its increasingly popular regional awards that will be granted in four main categories:  

Product design and fashion,
interior design,
innovative wood technology,
creative tourism.

The central Month of Design event shall be represented by the international BigSEE exhibition that is to display the awarded projects from all four categories in the national pavilions of the Southeast European countries.

The Month of Design opening shall take place on Tuesday, 8 October 2019. Apart from the regional product design awards and fashion awards, the following Slovenian national design awards will be granted as well: recognitions “Perspective” will be given to the best students, the awards for the  best “Interior of the Year” and “Design of the Year” and the most prestigious Slovenian award in this area – the “Timeless Award”. A special Big SEE Visionary Award shall be granted to four visionaries who have been inspiring and shifting design and architecture boundaries by means of their impressive design opuses, thus developing a creative environment of the Southeast Europe. These designers have greatly contributed to the enforcement of creativity in this part of Europe and they managed to put their creative work on the world map of important design achievements. Design conference shall take place for an entire day, along with the presentations introducing the awarded projects and successful companies while at the same time focusing on the topic of design-reinforced progress.

On Wednesday, 9 October, the regional interior awards (Big SEE Interior Design Awards) will be granted in the framework of the Big Architecture event. The awarded projects will be presented at the Architectural conference. Business architectural forum will also be carried out on the topic of wooden interiors. There will be various lectures followed by the debate entitled Architectural challenges and feedbacks. Big architecture is a leading business-educational event for advanced architecture and professional civil engineering. It represents a catalyst of considerations about the key role of architecture, explores the new concepts of living, and provides answers to contemporary social challenges that are important for our existence, economy and future.

On Tuesday, 15 October, the awards for innovative wood technology achievements will be granted in the framework of the Wooden Icon event. The Wooden Icon conference shall also take place and it shall present the projects in wood technology, wood technology niches as well as policies and strategies in the Alpine-Adriatic region. The Wooden Icon is one of the most visible events dedicated to innovative wood technology in the region, which aims to link the participants within the wood chain and to include creative industries in order to increase competitiveness and economic efficiency of the branch.

Creative tourism event shall take place on Thursday, October 17, when the awards for innovative tourist products will be granted. Business Design Forum on the topic: Architecture and Design for Creative Tourism will also be carried out in cooperation with the Centre for Creativity.

Creative tourism: Southeast Europe has a great potential for tourism development. The festival aims to establish a dialogue between providers of tourist services, investors, architects and designers in order to encourage the development of local environments that shall be transformed into innovative and sustainable tourist destinations. Eat &Drink Design evening event shall also take place in the framework of Creative tourism. It is a unique culinary Month of Design event which has been accompanying and supporting excellent design achievements, outstanding design brands, and creative Slovenian and Southeast European initiatives since 2008. Various design brands and culinary masterpieces shall, this year again, provide an unforgettable design and culinary adventure that will be long remembered.
The following countries and design brands shall take part in Eat & Drink Design 2019: Albania, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Moldavia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Ljubljana – the European Capital of Culture candidate, Nova Gorica – the European Capital of Culture candidate, J & J, Zumtobel, Veriga Lesce, Volvo, Geberit, Pilih beton, Gorenc, Noordung and Simetrija.

Design in the City, 8 October – 8 November: Month of Design shall create and promote various festival activities taking place all around the capital city during the entire event. Every year the festival brings together various partners who organize different events on a diverse palette of various places such as expos, galleries, museums, shops and salons, exhibition places, studios, open markets, pop-up locations and warehouses, thus establishing a creative image and vibrations of a dynamic city.

Month of Design publication here.