DESIGN IN THE CITY, October – November 2019


TRIPLE WOOD – Sustainable Building Culture in the Alpine Region

For centuries, wood has represented a traditional building material and it has been an important part of the Alpine region identity. Wood is a sustainable and locally available resource, therefore it is also climate- friendly. The Triple Wood project promotes the culture of sustainable timber constructions in the Alpine macro-region, also through an international exhibition displaying some examples of quality timber constructions. Location: City of Design Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Exhibition date: October 15 - November 8, 2019 Opening hours: 10 am - 5 pm


The retrospective exhibition of the 9th Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design is the premiere presentation of projects which have been shortlisted by an international jury. The projects, entered in 7 different categories, will also be presented during the exhibition guided tours led by Brumen Award recipients. Location: National Gallery Adress: Prešernova cesta 24, Ljubljana www.ng-slo.si Exhibition dates: October 22 – November 22, 2019 Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm, Thursday till 8 pm


Young Balkan Designers (YBD) is a regional talent platform founded with the aim to identify, promote and develop creative potential of the Balkan region in the field of product design. The competition theme for 2019 – “Circular Design” challenged young designers to create products and concepts that can bring a much-needed paradigm shift in design, production and consumption, by implementing principles of circular economy, employing local skills and resources and creating a positive impact, both on local community and the rising global issues. Location: City of Design Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Exhibition dates: 16. 10.–8. 11. 2019 Opening hours: each workday: 10 am – 5 pm, during the main events: 10 am – 10 pm


The Designers Society of Slovenia is presenting a segment from the exhibition (Cankar Cultural Centre 2018) which provides an insight into the current state of design. Thoughts and stories which are nowadays experienced by both – individuals as well as experts, have been woven in the carpets to be preserved for future times. Our future will be much different from the present and design shall be one of its key guiding principles. Members of the Designers Society of Slovenia are initiating considerations about the possible future models and the role of design in our society. Location: City of Design Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Duration of the exhibition: 8. 10.–8. 11. 2019 Opening hours: each workday: 10 am - 5 pm, during the main events: 10 am – 10 pm


The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering combines different areas of expertise which complement and upgrade one another. The faculty departments are located in the two neighbouring buildings which are joined at Mitnica point which represents a juncture of art, design, technologies and research work. You are kindly invited to visit the exhibition displaying students' works and projects which will be held at the faculty premises at Aškerčeva 12 and Snežniška 5. Location: The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering Address: Aškerčeva 12 and Snežniška 5, Ljubljana www.ntf.uni-lj.si Duration of the exhibition: 8. 10.–8. 11. 2019 Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 8am – 7pm


Photo: Janez Kališnik The Timeless Design Award granted to a highly-esteemed glass designer Tihomir Tomić will be celebrated by means of a display case exhibiting his precious and unique set which was designed specifically for the 12th Biennial of Industrial Design in 1988. Tomić's 80's work, contrary to his earlier designs, has been characterised by departure from pure functionalism and by a distinctive decorative note. He was given an honorary distinction for his Glass Set BIO 12 at the BIO 12 Biennial. Location: MAO – The Museum of Architecture and Design, reception desk Address: Rusjanov trg 7, Ljubljana www.mao.si Duration of the exhibition: 8.–20. 10. 2019 Opening hours: every day between 10 am and 6 pm, except Mondays


Leather Bags come in different shapes: square, round, oval, pointed, thin, large, small, voluminous … And they have different features such as softness, firmness, smoothness, shine and matte, roughness, smell, colour ... All these properties have been captured in a bag whose most important element still remains its identity which reflects our attitude towards aesthetics and style. Location: Kubus interier Address: Rimska cesta 23, Ljubljana www.kubus-interier.si Exhibition dates: 1.–31. 10. 2019 Opening hours: each workday between 10 am and 6 pm


Oloop creative group The textile art-work exhibition represents a dialogue between two groups of creative individuals (between immigrants and textile design students), two textile techniques (embroidery and weaving), and two cities (Maribor and Ljubljana). Although the participating artists have never met each other, their works have been linked by means of same colours and materials. The works have been created during the creative processes led by the Oloop Group. Location: Poligon creative centre Address: Tobačna ulica 5, Ljubljana www.poligon.si Exhibition dates: 3.–17. 10. 2019 Opening hours: each workday between 8 am and 7 pm Exhibition opening: 3 October at 6 pm


The Big SEE exhibition taking place at the national pavilions is to display the awarded Southeast European projects in the areas of architecture, interior design, product and fashion design, innovative wood technology and creative tourism. The exhibition aims to promote Southeast European business and creative excellence and provide an in-depth insight into the current state of creativity in the region. Location: City of Design, national pavilions Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.bigsee.eu Exhibition dates: 8. 10.–8. 11. 2019 Opening hours: each workday: 10 am - 5 pm, during the main events: 10 am - 10 pm.


Aiming to increase urban beekeeping and raise public awareness of the importance of bees for human survival, the UrbanBEE exhibition is to feature innovative urban beehives, packaging for urban honey, a gift from Ljubljana and Slovenia, and some new tourist products for children such as small items, souvenirs and a map of the educational-bee path for children "A Bee in Ljubljana" which falls within the framework of the existing Bee Path (Čebelja pot) in Ljubljana. Mentors: an associate professor Damjana Celcar, PhD, Gorazd Trušnovec Authors of study projects: Karin Čerin in Petra Slokan: Fakulteta za dizajn, smer Notranja oprema The Faculty of Design, interior design department Nina Auberšek in Viktorija Hafner: Fakulteta za dizajn, smer Vizualne komunikacije The Faculty of Design, visual communication department Maja Cvelbar in Lucija Draginić: Fakulteta za arhitekturo, smer Arhitektura (enoviti mag. št.) The Faculty of Architecture, architecture department Matija Kunstelj in Anže Lopatič: Biotehniška fakulteta, smer Lesarstvo (univ. št.) The Biotechnical Faculty, wood technology department The Faculty of Design / Associated Member of the University of Primorska Study year: 2018/19 Location: City of Design, the Faculty of Design exhibition area Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Exhibition dates: 15. 10.–8. 11. 2019 Opening hours: each workday: 10 am - 5 pm, during the main events: 10 am - 10 pm.


Just as a living room connects and combines family members, so the school lobby should be the central place for all its users. Its volume and height allow to design a certain space, not only on the basis of its floor plan, but above all on the basis of a cross section. The lobby can thus become a school living room, a space for events, a parental waiting room, a children's play area, a hall with a gallery overlooking the ground floor and from where it is possible to observe the area, etc. Mentor: a senior lecturer and an architect Benjamin Hafner Authors of study projects: Tjaša Gerdej, Anamari Pavlič, Nataša Avsenik, Jana Favai, Lara Brinc, Anja Kolenc, Emanuela Starc, Nina Mlakar, Lina Škerlj, Polona Žajdela, Lara Kordež The Faculty of Design / Associated Member of the University of Primorska Study year: 2018/19 Location: City of Design, the Faculty of Design exhibition area Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Exhibition dates: 8.–14. 10. 2019 Opening hours: each workday: 10 am - 5 pm, during the main events: 10 am - 10 pm An accompanying event: The school lobby renovation and its variations – a lobby as a school living room. Designing space and programme on the basis of its section and height - "Raumplan" Participants: an architect and a senior lecturer Mr Benjamin Hafner, Domžale Deputy Mayor, Mrs Renata Kosec, MA, Domžale Elementary School Principal Mr Uroš Govc, authors – 3rd year students – part-time university studies: Nataša Avsenik, Polona
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The exhibition has been named after a famous Polish tongue-twister »coral-red corals« (in the original korale koloru koralowego). The curator Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka examines the question of whether it is possible to determine a country’s or a region’s colour palette. The exhibition undertakes to establish the colour of the Polish identity as well as the identity of the neighbouring countries and to analyse the colours of some similar items such as vases and fabric designs. Location: City of Design Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Exhibition dates: 8. 10.–8. 11. 2019 Opening hours: each workday: 10 am - 5 pm, during the main events: 10 am – 10 pm


Antonio Živkovič, from the series “Reflections of Memory”, 2001 Concrete Dreams project shall explore the heritage of industrial architecture through photography and moving images. The project is primarily focusing on the question of how individual visual artists perceive this heritage today and how the heritage is being used as a material for their artistic projects. Participating artists: Branko Cvetkovič, Danica O. Kus, Borut Peterlin, Mirjana Rukavina, Damjan Švarc, Virginia Vrecl in Antonio Živkovič Location: Photon Gallery Address: Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana www.photon.si Exhibition dates: 13. 9.–30. 10. 2019 Opening hours: each workday between 12 am and 6 pm Exhibition opening: 12. 9. 2019

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October 15, 2019 City of Design, Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana MAIN STAGE 13.00-18.00: WOOD ICON CONFERENCE PROGRAM 12.00-12.30: Lunch 12.30-14.55: The awarded project presentations and the award giving ceremony: BigSEE Wood Award Winners in categories: Houses, City and community, Interior and furnitures, Small wooden products Petr Andrýsek; Check Roots, The Czech Republic Vitomir Vujović; Platforma Workshop, Montenegro Mate Horvath; 4MS Design, Hungary Norbert Szilagy and Lehel Karoly Kovacs, Hungary Živa Voga and Saša Rojak; CliCques, Austria Emir Salkić; Tochak, Bosnia and Hercegovina Clarissa Lorenzato; Fleko, Italy Michaela Maresch; Commod House, Austria Jernej Mali; Atelje Mali, Slovenia Jan Tesař; Stempel & Tesar Architekti, The Czech Republic Stefano Gri and Piero Zucchi; GEZA Gri e Zucchi Architettura, Italy Stefan Hitthaler; Architecture office Hitthaler, Italy Tomislav Pavelić, Croatia Gabriela Kaprálová; ASGK Design, The Czech Republic Zuzana Ambrozova; ai5, The Czech Republic Nunc, Croatia Peter Reitmayr; Reitmayr architekten, Austria Sonja Radović Jelovac; Studio Synthesis Architecture&Design, Montenegro Eszter Kaderják; Mome, Hungary Horia Spirescu; Studio Act, Romania Vitomir Vujović; Platforma Workshop, Montenegro Robert Rons; Point arhitektura, design, inženiring, Slovenia Nuša Završnik Šilec; Enota, Slovenia Kateřina Kupcová – Pihávková; Chic by Pig,The Czech Republic Cristina Curelea; SoLemn, Romania Bogdan Rusu; Vatraa, Romania Maša Vukmanović; Thinkobjects, Croatia Dejan Mitov; Studio Modelart Architects, Serbia Tamara Švonja, Serbia Dea Beatovikj, North Macedonia Ozge Caglayan; Ozge Caglayan Studio, Turkey Mojca Gregorski; Kontra arhitekti, Slovenia Blaž Habjanič, Slovenia Barbara Marušič Goličnik & Damjan Marušić; DIPSTOR, Slovenia Nina Tešanović, Sono arhitekti, Slovenia Federica Toscanini; Giulio Iacchetti Industrial Design, Italy Claudio Triassi; Bergmeisterwolf Architekten, Italy
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October 9, 2019 City of Design, Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana STAGE #1 10.00-11.30: The awarded project presentations and the award giving ceremony: BigSEE Interior Design Award Winners in categories:  Residential Riste Dobrijević; Riste Dobrijević architect, Serbia Zoran Džunić, Serbia Ayca Taylan; ZAAS, Turkey Busra Kocak & İdil Bayar; theCATwork, Turkey Štěpán Havlík, The Czech Republic Loredana Gaita, Romania Ana Hodan; Motif, Romania Ksenija Djordjevic and Dragana Seleda; Ksenija Djordjevic Architects, Serbia Snezana Gikovski; VrDesigner Interior Design Studio, Hungary Igor Marasovic; Marasovic arhitekti, Slovenia Laszlo Monori; Pyxis nautica design & built, Hungary Sara Dimitrijević, Serbia Akos Hanusz, Hungary Maša Mertelj and Matic Vrabič; Mertelj Vrabič arhitekti, Slovenia Meta Javh Hribar, Slovenia Matic Škarabot, Slovenia Goran Rupnik; RIBA arhitekti, Slovenia Marianna Athanasiadou and Christos Stavrogiannis; Schema architecture & engineering, Greece Εvi Stylianidi; 3NK Engineers & Architects, Greece Nedžla Potogija; NPA Studio, Bosnia and Herzegovina Davide Fois and Eleni Afentaki; Fois-Afentaki Studio, Greece Maja Stamenković, Slovenia Nasko Petkov; Archin, Bulgaria Viktor Csap; Studio Arkiteter, Hungary Barbara Žnidarič; Progrin, Slovenia Pierluigi Percoco and Alessia Bettazzi; B+P architetti, Italy Jacopo Bracco; Blaarchitettura, Italy Bogdan Peric; Untitled architecture, Italy 11.30-12.00: Lectures Architecture 180°: Brands Stage Bauder: Tomo Žnidaršič, Slovenia: Planiranje in izvajanje ravnih streh po standardu B 3691 12.00-13.00: Lunch 13.00–14.00: Lectures Architecture 180°: Brands Stage Kip: Sven Witte, Nemčija and Blaž Smolnikar, Slovenia: When a house becomes our home TEM: Blaž Budja; Jereb and Budja arhitekti, Slovenia: Presenting the new TEM business premises Promat: Srečo Klemenčič, Slovenia: Promat fire glass Hansgrohe Group: Matej
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October 8, 2019 City of Design, Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana MAIN STAGE 10.00-18.20: DESIGN CONFERENCE PROGRAM 10.00-10.50: Main speakers: Brands on Progress Powered by Design 10.00-10.10: Boris Balant, designer and director; Noage, Slovenia 10.10-10.30: Gašper Puhan, CEO; GeoEnergetika, Slovenia 10.30-10.50: Alan Dornik, General Manager SEE (southeast Europe); Zumtobel Group, Austria 10.50-12.00: The awarded project presentations and the award giving ceremony: BigSEE Product Design Award Winners in categories: Home Christian Kroepfl; Christian Kroepfl Architecture & Design, Austria Marco Paolelli, Sandro Meneghello; Meneghello Paolelli Associati, Italy Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara; chmara.rosinke, Austria Mate Horvath; 4MS Design, Hungary Rada Dicheva; Studio Tochka & Tochka, Bulgaria Janette Rodriguez; Kubo Investments, Romania Florian Seidl; Luigi Lavazza, Italy NUNC, Croatia Cem Gül; Nuvia Enerji Teknolojileri San. A.Ş., Turkey Katharina Mosheim; Alpha Pianos, Austria Candy Hoover Group, Italy Draganco Sazdov; Vauron LLC Skopje, North Macedonia Hemonides Handcrafted Furniture, Cyprus Stedano Rossini; Zucchetti. Kos, Italy Barbara Marušič Goličnik & Damjan Marušić; DIPSTOR, Slovenia Peter Danczkay; Oleant, Hungary Veronika Rožmanc, Slovenia Jan Barič, Sloveniia 12.00-13.00: Lunch 13.00-14.20: Main speakers: Brands on Progress Powered by Design 13.00-13.20: Andrej Kregar, designer and CEO, Kreatif Design, Slovenia 13.20-13.40: Florian Seidl, Design Manager Innovation and R&D; Lavazza, Italy 13.40-14.00: Japec Jakopin, director; J&J Design, Slovenia 14.00-14.20: Henning Rieseler, Maneger Studio Berlin, STUDIO F·A·PORSCHE, Austria 14.20-15.35: The awarded project presentations and the award giving ceremony: BigSEE Product Design Award Winners in categories: Personal, Leisure, Mobility Patrick Moraras; Mormi, Romania Marija Kojić, Serbia Svetlana Mojić Džakula, Salt & Water, Serbia Massimo
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October 17, 2019 City of Design, Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana MAIN STAGE 13.00-19.00: TOURISM CONFERENCE PROGRAM 13.00-14.00: Lunch 14.00–17.00: Business & Design forum: Architecture and design for the needs of creative tourism Investors and Managers: BHS – Best Hospitality Solutions, Janez Jager; Croatia Accor Hotels - Laurent Clavilier; France Terme Olimia, Matej Terner, Slovenia Edi Simčič Wine Estate, Aleks Simčič; Slovenia Architects and designers: STUDIO UP; Toma Plejić, Croatia GLAMPRO, Jure Dolenc; Slovenia AKSL arhitekti, Špela Leskovic / Aleš Košak; Slovenia Raketa, Rok Kuhar / Katjuša Kranjc; Slovenia plusminus30; Jure Melon; Slovenia Curator: Dean Lah This project is a part of a partnership network Platform Center for Creativity co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia. 17.30-19.00: The awarded project presentations and the award giving ceremony: BigSEE Tourism Award Winners in categories: Creative story and identity as experience and Architecture and design as experience Matteo Bolgan; Pedevilla Architects, Italy Marleen Viereck; Viereck Architekten, Austria Ivan Plemenčić; Abstracto Studio, Croatia Goran Ajelić; Rotokor, Croatia Slavin Baylov and Margarita Bojinova; M1K3 Project, Bulgaria RE:A.C.T, Serbia Michal Gorec; Ruční papírna Papyrea, The Czech Republic Nina Repar; Repro eko farm, Croatia Tomáš Dvořák; Tomáš Dvořák architekti, The Czech Republic Branka Urbanija, Slovenia


When can fashion be considered a creative industry? How to go from a creative idea through production, distribution and promotion to a profitable business model, at home or abroad? Some renowned foreign and domestic experts will provide answers to these questions at the System of Fashion conference. Location: MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design Address: Rusjanov trg 7, Ljubljana www.czk.si Event dates: 24 and 25 October 2019 from 9:30 am – 6 pm

Open Doors


A private Maja Ferme showroom is a high-fashion boutique where you can meet Slovenian haute-couture fashion designer who has been awarded many times and whose works have been placed on display in numerous Slovenian museums. Extremely sophisticated hand work is embodied in each seam and every pearl or detail. Her clothes are distinguished by an exceptional construction and they exemplify an interlacement of modern times and past foundations. Fashion designer Maja Ferme is always ready to have an excellent dialogue and B2B cooperation with some of the most important international companies such as Unilever, Warner Bros … which have detected her talent and offered to cooperate with her. Address: Rimska 5, Ljubljana www.majaferme.com Opening days dates and times: 10. 10. 2019 from 4 pm – 7 pm


Amendments to building legislation have also brought certain changes to compulsory liability insurance for architectural and engineering activities. Insurers are therefore changing and adapting their insurance products and services. To ensure that your business complies with the new legislation, we are providing, in collaboration with Zavarovalnica Triglav, one-to-one advice on compulsory liability insurance for architectural and engineering activities. Location: Triglav Lab Address: Dunajska 20, Ljubljana www.lab.triglav.si Open day dates and times: 10. 10. and 15. 10. from 11.30 am to 13.30 pm In case you want to set your appointment another day, please send an e-mail to lab@triglav.si.


The Laboratory for Multimedia which exists in the framework of the Multimedia study program at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is actively engaged in the development and design of user interfaces, development of virtual and augmented reality applications, including 3D animated models and 360° videos and video production using a broadcasting truck and video editing facilities (HD, 4K 360°). Address: Tržaška 25, Ljubljana www.ltfe.org Open day dates and times: by prior e-mail appointment only (matevz.pogacnik@fe.uni-lj.si, klemen.pecnik@fe.uni-lj.si)


Studio Miklavc has been involved in the areas of product design, visual communication, brand development and consulting for more than 20 years. Its primary focus is a strategic design. Their designs have received numerous highest international awards. In recent years they have been working with clients from Italy, Germany, Austria and California. Address: Podlubnik 314, Škofja Loka http://www.miklavc.si Open day dates and times: every Tuesday from 3 pm to 4 pm (by a prior e-mail appointment)


Architectural and design studio RAKETA is managed by the architects Mr Rok Kuhar and Ms Katjuša Kranjc who are partners in their personal as well as professional life, therefore they pay a special attention to a proper balance in everything they do. They look out for the balance between an exterior and interior, old and new, functional and poetic … They create places and objects by means of innovative methods and materials which are both – already established and new. They are well known for their integrated approach and for paying attention to every single detail. Address: Slovenska cesta 28, Ljubljana www.raketa.si Opening day dates and times: 30. 10. 2019 from 3 pm – 4 pm


Jan Jagodič established his design studio KABINET 01 in 2001. He is a team leader of a dynamic, well organised and highly motivated group of designers who have been involved in numerous demanding projects such as visual identity design, promotional and printed material design as well as product and interior design. The studio is distinguished by its engineering approach and vivid imagination. Location: Kabinet 01 Address: Dunajska cesta 49, Ljubljana www.kabinet01.net Dates and opening hours: 11 October 2019 at 2 pm


High-quality creation of space does not represent a mere architectural service; it offers much more than that. It is an interactive process through which visions are realised by creating both real spaces and virtual environments for experimental projects. The challenge is to design intelligent spaces embedded with quality into the surroundings, spaces which are user-friendly, feature functional perfection, visual appeal and sustainability. Address: Trubarjeva cesta 7, Ljubljana www.matejapanter.com Open day dates and times: 15. 10. and 16. 10. 2019 from 9 am to 1 pm and 3 pm – 7 pm


Goran Rupnik, Janja Brodar and our (non)permanent fellow architects – we all work under a brand name RIBA and we carry out our creative activities in a high-ceilinged studio opposite the famous Žmauc pub in Ljubljana. In the company of the three huge cacti, we design our architectural projects by employing a great deal of boutique attention to detail, which results in inspiring apartment renovations and architecturally designed affordable new houses. To enhance the small scale of our private projects, we are also engaged in the projects related to shopping centres and urban design. We are a 'good buy' - we know how to make something out of nothing, and how to make “wow” out of average. If we don't get it, you don't want it! Come on in house lovers! Address: Rimska 20, 1000 Ljubljana www.riba-arhitekti.si Dates and opening hours: 9 October – 10 October 2019 form 9 am to 4 pm


Draž knitting studio is a family-owned company that has maintained a strong creative pace since its breakthrough on the Slovenian design scene more than three decades ago. Innovative, attractive and comfortable design solutions, high quality workmanship and adaptation to the unique needs of a certain individual have placed Draž firmly in our fashion space over the years. Address: Gornji trg 9, Ljubljana www.draz.si Dates and opening hours: by appointment


The DANS Architects create culture and spaces in which we live, work, feel and socialize with each other. We explore the relationship between people and built environment, we think about innovative ways of using various spaces and at the same time draw support from archaic building principles and exploit the opportunities provided by sustainable construction. Address: Novi trg 6, Ljubljana www.dans.si Dates and opening hours: 16. 10. and 23. 10. 2019, 10 am – 12 (noon), or by a special appointment


University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Science & Technology, Laboratory for surface treatment We are actively engaged in the characterisation of surfaces of wood and wood-based materials, tests of liquid and cured coatings, research of biofinishes, protection of wood that is found outdoors, analyses of surface defects. In cooperation with various business partners we also work on the selection of the most suitable coatings. We are active in the area of developing new equipment and methods for the plasma treatment of wood and related materials. Naslov: Rožna dolina, Cesta VIII/34, Ljubljana www.bf.uni-lj.si Dates and opening hours: - Thursday, 10. 10. 2019, 1 am – 3 pm - Thursday, 17. 10. 2019, 1 pm – 3 pm



Furniture showroom FEYDOM opened its doors in 2014 on Tavčarjeva 1 in Ljubljana. Customer satisfaction means the most to us, so we constantly strive to provide each customer with a comprehensive solution for the full efficiency of the sofas, which are the heart of each home. For this reason, we are very proud that with our offer of modular, tranformable, durable, extremely comfortable and superior handmade seating arrangements we provide our customers with the perfect pleasure in every home, office or waiting room. In our salon we will gladly introduce you with all of the models of our seating set, we will also discuss your wishes with you, together we can combine a suitable seating area for you and if you like we can also prepare a sketch of your sofa. Life is a game! We look forward to your visit. Address: Tavčarjeva 1, Ljubljana 
 Opening time: Monday - Friday: 9am-7pm
, Saturday: 9am-1pm P.S: We operate sustainably and plant a tree for every FEYDOM sofa sold.


BENEDETTI life is a sustainable and animal-free luxury fashion label founded by the award-winning designer Mateja Benedetti. Nature and life are our inspirations. The coexistence of luxury aesthetics, environmental consciousness, responsible consumerism and ethical business practices have been placed at the centre of our craftsmanship. By combining our extensive knowledge of luxury design and our commitment to innovations and more sustainable production practices, we are rethinking the entire process of conceiving, producing and selling sustainable and timeless fashion art pieces that go beyond trends. Location: Morro Sartoriale  Address: Ameriška ulica 8, Ljubljana www.morro.si Working hours: Monday and Friday: from 8 am to 4 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: from 11 am to 6 pm Saturday, Sunday: closed


For over two decades Kubus has been offering a collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories designed by some of the world's most iconic designers as well as local and international new talents. Our other activities include architecture, interior and product design as well as a production of our own brand of luminaires. Event: Kubus is creating a new chapter. We are starting a production of furniture and accessories designed and made by some Slovenian designers and artisans. For a start, we are presenting a table, a shelving system and a lamp which have all been designed by ourselves. Every few months we are planning to present a new piece, thus building a collection of contemporary Slovenian design items. Address: Rimska cesta 23, Ljubljana www.kubus-interier.si Working hours: every workday from 10 am to 6 pm Event date: 10. 10. 2019 Time: 7 pm


A co-operative society of fashion designers The cooperative Fashion store Zoofa opened its doors in the fall of 2013 with the intention to bring together Slovenian fashion and accessorize designers. The idea was and still is that the designers themselves shall be active in the shop. Every day you can find one of our designers in the shop, and they are always ready to give advice or make a made-to-measure garment for you. Address: Breg 12, Ljubljana www.zoofa.si Working hours: every workday: 10:00–20:00 Saturday: 10:00–16:00 Sunday: 10:00–14:00


I have accomplished one of my biggest dreams – to have my own studio where my customers can truly experience and feel my creativity and energy I invest in my designs. This is a place of my artistic creativity, a place where we can meet face to face, chat about the weather or the latest fashion trends. A place where we are happy to adapt to your wishes and create a product according to your specific desires. You can choose colours, designs and materials that suit you best. The possibilities are endless. Address: Petkovškovo nabrežje 31, Ljubljana www.tejajeglichdesign.com Working hours: every workday from 10 am – 7 pm; Saturday: from 10 am – 2 pm


Pentlja concept store was founded in autumn 2015 with an aim to promote and offer a selection of Slovenian and regional designs. Their primary aim is to find independent and promising designers. Most of the pieces they offer are one-of-a-kind and they are produced in very small series. In Pentlja they believe that between the two segments of mass-brand mediocrity on one hand and the haute-couture exclusiveness on the other hand there is still a room for diversity and audacity. They are trying to do their best to offer unique, high-quality, affordable products. Pentlja is a wonderland of pretty things located in the old city centre of Ljubljana. Address: Mačkova ulica 4, Ljubljana www.pentljaconceptstore.com Working hours: every workday from 10 am – 7pm; Saturday: from 10 am – 13:30 pm


DÉCOR & DESIGN is a family-owned showroom which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. The company is engaged in designing interior spaces and trading worldwide known furniture brands. We also offer great support for architects providing them reliable technical advice for our entire range of products. Address: Barjanska cesta 66, Ljubljana www.decordesign.si Working hours: each workday from 10 am – 6 pm; Saturday: 10 am – 1 pm


MAGNET DESIGN Showroom has been established as a part of the RC31 consortium - a creative furniture industry development center which brings together some major Slovenian furniture manufacturers. It provides an encouraging environment which combines architecture, design and promotion of the Slovenian furniture industry at home and abroad. Event: Office interior design planning: When design meets ergonomics The event will be divided into three sections. In the first part the ergonomic aspect of work facilities furnishing process will be discussed by the representatives of PROFI MEDIA (Blaž Fišer) and KLUN AMBIENTI (Blaž Kovačič). The second part is to focus on innovative approaches to workplace furnishing, with an emphasis on the unique design and acoustic specifications of the open-type spaces. The event will be concluded by a Q&A session followed by socializing over a glass of champagne. Location: Kubus Interier Address: Masarykova cesta 14, Ljubljana www.magnet-design.si Working hours: every workday from 8 am to 4 pm Event date: 10. 10. 2019 Time: 6 pm


ALMIRASADAR, a Slovenian fashion and interior design brand, was established in 2003. The collection highlights traditional Slovenian hand work, local characteristics and forgotten cultural values. Her small, yet unique collections are intended for those who wish to express and retain their individuality. All the products have been manufactured in Slovenia. Address: Stari trg 16, Ljubljana www.almirasadar.com Working hours: Monday – Saturday from 11 am – 7 pm

Shows and Presentations


We are starting a production of furniture and accessories designed and made by some Slovenian designers and artisans. For a start, we are presenting a table, a shelving system and a lamp which have all been designed by ourselves. Every few months we are planning to present a new piece, thus building a collection of contemporary Slovenian design items. Location: Kubus Interier Address: Rimska cesta 23, Ljubljana www.kubus-interier.si Working hours: every workday from 10 am to 6 pm Event date: 10. 10. 2019 Time: 7 pm


An interior door without a lock and a handle which contains only a magnet closing system represents a true speciality on the market. Location: City of Design, DOORSOLUTIONS exhibition area Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Event date: 9 October 2019 at 2 pm

BIG IDEAS vs. ______

On the one hand one might have some big ideas and on the other there are customers, contractors, budget constraints, spatial limitations and design changes. What are the architect's solutions that can get us from an initial idea to the final project realization? We will be talking about everyday challenges we are facing in our office and at the construction sites. Where shall we draw the line when it comes to accepting compromises, and how important is a dialogue for everyone involved? Location: City of Design, Idea:list Studio exhibition aera Address: Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana www.zavodbig.com Event date: 9 October 2019 at 3 pm