Microoffice Quadrio I

MICROOFFICE QUADRIO I is the ideal meeting space for a quick and private conversation with a colleague. Private, personal and just the right size for two to four occupants. You can equip this workspace with comfortable seats or a multipurpose table. This standalone safe haven of silence is ready for use as an individual workspace with easy installation. It combines the iconic SilentLab minimalist but practical design with glass and solid walls and a solid roof, an effective ventilation system, high-end acoustic materials and sophisticated details. The electric socket, USB and LAN connection and motion sensor will make working in the booth comfortable. The ventilation system of our MICROOFFICE is 50% more efficient than the market standard, giving it the steady influx of fresh air you need for lengthy meetings. It can also be equipped with our sophisticated clarity system to keep the air in the booth fresh and clean. The system neutralizes the wide range of harmful microorganisms, eliminates smell and cleans dust and other contaminants from the air. Your safety is our priority.


Progres Atelier


Year of production

Miroslav Bednarik

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