House in Akishima

Living between the concrete as furniture. We designed a house where the concrete foundation can divide the space by standing up on the site as furniture to trigger a place to stay. The layout of those foundations was dedicated depending on the way of use such as “cooking, reading, passing through for switching the scene, etc…” It is assumed that the rooms that are vaguely connected will change their function due to daily changes and changes over the years. We were also conscious of taking the indoor and outdoor spaces equally. Understanding the strength and differences between concrete and timber material such as length of the time or, texture and touches. Concrete structures might keep standing there for a hundred years, timber structure part could be extended or demolished in a couple of years. The concrete part could be even used as the foundation for a new house, playground, or stage in the future. Even the foundation could be staying as ruins and waiting for the next way of use.


office m-sa; Meiri Shinohara

Year of completion

Tokyo, Japan

Total area
110 m2

Site area
221,6 m2

Kazuhisa Kota

Project Partners

Contractor: Kudo Koumuten

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