Dvorana centra za kulturu i informiranje Dragutin Novak

In Ludbreg, the multipurpose hall underwent a revolutionary transformation after 50 years of intensive use. The fundamental redesign concept was directed towards the use of natural materials to achieve optimal acoustic properties. The current appearance of the hall represents a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, creating a space that meets the needs of contemporary events. With a capacity of 250 seats, the hall has become a favorite destination for concerts that take place without the use of amplifiers and speakers. This innovation allows visitors to enjoy the authentic sound of music, creating a unique experience that connects art and the audience in a special way. The acoustically optimized space contributes to an exceptional sound quality, creating an intimate atmosphere that exceeds the expectations of music enthusiasts.

In terms of color, the hall is designed according to the colors of the Center for Culture brand, adding aesthetic cohesion to the space. Pleasant tones create an atmosphere of warmth, tranquility, and comfort, making the space suitable for various cultural events. This redesign is adapted to the new needs of the community, creating a multifunctional space that can host different events with equal ease. Ultimately, the multipurpose hall in Ludbreg has become a symbol of the fusion of tradition and modernity, providing visitors with unforgettable experiences within a recognizable architectural solution.


Gradečki projekt; Robert Gradečki, Iva Džidić

Centar za kulturu Dragutin Novak

Year of completion

Ludbreg, Croatia

Total area
500 m2

Marija Kranjčec

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Contractor: Oprema PIT – Nenad Levanić, construction

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