Conoid – Open Summer Stage

The Open Summer Stage “Conoid” is located in Skopje City Park. The stage has concrete foundations, stone floors, steel structure, and timber skin. The architectural concept is focused on the transformability and adaptability of the stage, based on multiple user scenarios with minimal impact on nature. The structure can be positioned in four different positions on the base offering multiple user experiences. The Architectural design includes elements of urban equipment such as a water drinking fountain and mobile benches that support the primary function of the stage like concerts, movie projections, festivals, etc. and can be transformed into an auditorium for the Stage. The Stage and its elements have a unique geometry and consistent, contemporary architectural expression and its materialization complements the natural context of the Skopje City Park.




Bojan Karanakov, Aleksandar Radevski, Filip Velkoski, Borjan Menkinoski

Year of completion

Skopje, North Macedonia

Boris Jurmovski


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