This an interior design project for the apartment of a young man who likes the light and sophisticated lux. The apartment is an old bulging in the heart of Sofia, this was a part of the original concept before the purchase. That is how came the idea for an artistic urban loft with open space. There was a general refurbishment and reorganisation of the space. An interesting accent in the apartment is the fire place. Its relief is produced of MDF, covered with coper using a cutting edge technology. There is a visible play with claddings and the contrast between them, the transitions from one material to thee other and their harmonious interaction. This is perceived in the combination of the white Traditional brick, the concrete and the soft fabric wall. It was of great importance to the architect of the project, to keep the feeling of an old urban apartment and complete it with art pieces.








Authors: Ina Damyanova
Photos: Alexsandur Novoselski
Client: Blagomir Kotcev
Year of completion: 2017
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Surface: 150 m2


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