BLRF Binocular Laser Range Finder

BLRF Binocular Laser Range Finder is designed to be compact and powerful to fulfill any requirement for military and law enforcement units. Equipped with eye-safe 905 nm Class 1 Laser, BLRF provides bright and crisp images at ranges up to 3000 m in the field. It has optimized beam divergence for maximum reliability on small targets. BLRF stands out with its compactness, durable design and advanced Kestrel® communication via Bluetooth to allow accurate built-in Applied Ballistics Ultralite® calculations necessary for ultimate shooting experience. The reinforced, rugged, waterproof and ergonomic rubber-coated body meets all the needs of all tactical users, and provides solid protection against water, dust and physical impacts during use.


Element Product Design; Selim Gençoğlu, Turkey

3E EOS (3E Elektro Optik Sistemler San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.), Turkey

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