The Spot is a new multi brand chain of premium fashion sportswear stores, current-ly located on three retail spaces in Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia. The request of the client was to create a space oriented towards the customers who use sportswear to create their own style and identity. During the design process, the aim was to create a dynamic, mod-ern and distinctive space, in accordance with the concept of The Spot. The idea was to de-sign a unique space, which customers could easily identify with.



Entrance zone of every store contains a “network” structure made of triangular elements. This structure is a geometric form, made using parametric modeling and digital design tools (CNC processing). The design is based on two key words: dynamics and identity. The form is associated with movement and sports, according to the purpose of the space. On the other hand, this structure visually dominates the space, providing identity and recogniz-ability.



Triangular scheme was chosen because of its flexibility and adaptability to different areas, while preserving the concept and uniqueness. Accordingly, the chosen material fits the premium concept of The Spot. High density fiberboards (HDF) with brushed copper finish-ing (high pressure laminate) were used for cutting triangles, forming an “organic” surface. Reflectivity of the copper finishing in combination with backlights emphasizes modern, youthful spirit, but also elegance and timeless values.








Authors: Modelart Arhitekti + Digital Design Center, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad / Dr. Bojan Tepavčević, Dejan Mitov, Krsto Radovanović, Bojan Mitov, Jelena Mitov
Photos: Relja Ivanić
Client: Đak d.o.o.
Year of completion: 2017
Location: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Podgorica; Serbia
Surface: 1100m2 (altogether)


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