Café-creperie “Panuša”, Novi Sad

Café-creperie “Panuša” is located in Novi Sad and it is a true paradise for crepe lovers. The menu is completely based on the crepe and their various combinations, giving a strong creative note, which should have been transferred to interior. The main goal was to create a space that is comfortable and pleasant to stay, and at the same time recognizable, with strong and clear identity.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The biggest challenge in this space was to create a warm and unique space by integrating digital design elements that can often act cool and rigorous. In this interior, the ceiling dominates its interesting and unique shape. Ceiling element was made from wood what makes all space warm and cosy.


Studio Modelart Architects, Jelena Mitov, Dejan Mitov, Krsto Radovanović, Aleksandra Pavlović, Maja Vučić, Bojan Mitov, Bojan Tepavčević, Vladimir Mijović

Milijana Joksimovic, owner of Café-creperie “Panuša”

Year of completion

Novi Sad, Serbia

Total area
50 m2

Relja Ivanić, Vesna Stojaković, Julija Joksimović

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