Greenery integrated into public space. This is Typo. ” Times are fast-paced, and customers don’t want to wait. This forces us to be flexible and efficient. That’s why, in collaboration with the technological leader in 3D concrete printing, ICE Industrial Services, we have developed the Typo collection of planters,” explains the owner and lead designer of mmcité, David Karásek.” With 3D printing, it takes only half an hour, and another piece can be printed,” reveals designer Michael Tomalik.” By resembling an imaginary font, letters or symbols, Typo is in its way another form of typography in public space,“ he adds. The pointed profile of the planter and its branching give the impression that it’s balancing on its narrowest point. The intentional simplicity of this shape allows us to easily replace the final products according to the demands of the market. Additionally, the planters can also be equipped with an irrigation system which makes them a perfect addition to any public space, even one with a lack of natural rainfall.


David Karásek, Michael Tomalik

mmcité a.s.

Year of production

mmcité a.s.

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