Tourist complex “Celtic village” in Inđija

“Celtic village” is an unique themed tourist complex inspired by the life of the Celts in this area in the 3rd century BC. The complex is meant for fun and education and is primarily intended for children and families. Inside the complex surrounded by a high wooden fence, there are several types of Celtic dwellings, covered with reeds and made of wood and mud, representing authentic Celtic households and artisan workshops. The mini museum with interesting exhibits is housed in one of the Celtic houses (the exhibits are based on material remains of the Celtic tribe Skordisci in the Srem area). Complete authentic architecture is shown on the map attached with the photos. Visitors to the Celtic Village are welcomed by costumed staff and expert guides who contribute to the overall experience with their stories. Visitors to the Celtic village can also actively participate in numerous workshops and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, having Celtic architecture as an unique tourist scenography.


Tourism organization of the Municipality of Inđija; Vladimir Novaković and Đorđe Marković

Year of completion

Inđija, Serbia

Total area
10.000 m2

Site area
10.000 m2

Boško Heror

Project Partners

Consultants: Miodrag Sladić, Stevan Đuričić; Historians: Sanja Jugović, Aleksandar Stevanović; Tourist Organisation of the Municipality of Inđija; Municipality of Inđija; Ministry of Tourism

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