Boomerang Offices

Boomerang is a key word suggesting and supporting the idea of return, the arch over time containing messages placed in different periods. The intention to outline a coherent concept in 2021 involved adapting the design theme to the context of the period, in which the social distancing issues were generated by the pandemic and by population migrations, issues that became global problems, with domino effect in all fields. The configuration of the spaces was generated partly by the atypical footprint of the building and partly by functional reasons in terms of space, therefore the closed offices intersperse with open-plan offices.

Agora, in its extroverted sense, is the central square towards which the other functions open and to which they are subordinated. The secondary spaces are encompassed in buildings with neutral facades treated with anthracite ceramic veneer. The uniform, neutral veneer serves as a canvas for stories and messages aimed at reinventing, rediscovering, and rebuilding human relationships (the boomerang suggesting a wing (community) that polarizes people and frees them from anxieties / the stylized pineapple whose inflorescence in the form of an ear inspires the joy of reuniting with friends / the compositions on the central node aim to stimulate curiosity and inventiveness, overcoming barriers in which we are sometimes stuck (open minds), freeing the mind and finding a sense of well-being).

However, Agora, in its introverted sense, once it has absorbed you, becomes an artistic object, a nest, a space where you feel protected and not alone. Innovation Room, Huddle Space, Play Area are spaces where meetings take place, beyond the sense of scheduling, obligation, or inertia. Spaces that induce mental ease.


Inland Deco; Silvia Pintilie, Perspective; Sorin Rosu, Ioana Balan, Format4; Sergiu Tarziu


Year of completion

Cluj Napoca, Romania

Total area
2.250 m2

Ion Marin

Project Partners

Architecture: Format4; Sergiu Tirziu
Project management: CBRE; Gabriel Nita
Fit-out: COS Romania; Anca Rus

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