SCH – High end law office, Bucharest

The project is born from the wish of the client, the Bucharest branch of an important European law firm, to create a high-quality space that serves as an interface between it and its clients. Its aim was to present itself through a functional, carefully designed space with a strong but discreet identity. The downtown Bucharest, 600 square-meters office-building floor has been completely refurbished to accommodate its new function. As the elevator opens, the visitor finds himself in the middle of an open space with a spectacular view of Bucharest. In the center of the open space stays the concrete-made logo of the client. The project’s spine is the ‘Chinese Wall’ – a structure that passes from vertical to horizontal elements in an elegant, continuous movement to change function from enclosure of the private meeting rooms to reception and back. Its deep grey-blue lacquered milled MDF gives identity to the whole space, in contrast with the white walls and the small mustard-yellow accents of the seating and graphic elements. The Chinese Wall is enhanced by the ‘Light Snake’, a custom-made lighting system that underlines the public areas.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Its discreet elegance and unitary approach.


Biroarchitetti; Stefan Davidovici, Camilla Guerritore, Elisa Mori


Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
600 m2

Andrei Margulescu

Project Partners

REC immpuls SRL, Art FM, Jolly Idea, Profistil – CUSTOM FURNITURE,

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