A house. A stair. A harp.

The project is a combination of a specific style, based on surprising images, contrast and optical illusions, with the preferences of our client, that lean towards minimalism and order. The fluidity of the space is accentuated by the curved elements that hide numerous storage spaces. The harp staircase – the core of the house, the only element of continuity on the three levels of the house. The staircase seems to melt at the base and becomes an undulating decorative element along the wall behind the sofa. The transparent/opaque alternation at the level of the stair railing creates a relationship between the staircase and the user similar to the one between an art object and viewer. The stair ramp thus can be seen like a dynamic pedestal. The upper end of the harp creates an optical illusion between 2D and 3D. The staircase is also the first element encountered upon entering the home, directing the eye both vertically, towards the skylights, and horizontally, towards the living room.


Inedit.works; Mihail Neagu, Tudor Coraci

George Panaitescu

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
160 m2

Tryingtodoart; Sabin Prodan

Project Partners

Custom furniture: Atelier 13; Laurentiu Coceanga
Staircase works: Atelier Drag; person Catalina Dragoi

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