The AR Project

The AR Project is a two-bedroom 90 m2 apartment in Sofia with a view of Vitosha mountain. When setting the task, the client’s desire was to create a cozy, modern, but time-resistant interior that would meet the needs of a two-member family for comfort, privacy and functionality. The design is clean, with colorful accents and unique oval shapes, which are seen throughout the whole apartment. There are mainly earthy neutral colors present, with an accent color in each room. For both the owners and the studio, the use of sustainable materials and textiles was of utmost importance. The floors are made of recycled wood, the textiles (carpets, pillows, accent blanket) are of local, bulgarian manufacture, and the built-in LED lighting meets the highest energy-saving standards. The distinguishing highlights of the AR Project can be summed up as follows: pastel tones, natural materials, play of light with rotating panels, backlights and original accent lamps, embossed tiles. Thus, the interior is both long-lasting and constantly changing.


ATG Design

Radi Radichev

Year of completion

Sofia, Bulgaria

Total area
90 m2

Minko Minev

Stage 180°

Project partners

Kitan Mebel; Kiril Uvaliev

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