Ondu- Pinhole Cameras MK III

ONDU Pinhole camera series III is the third iteration of the ONDU Pinhole cameras series originally  conceived  with the intention of producing a photographic tool that will not only make images in the simplest way possible, but will also stand the test of time and could be passed as an object  that captures time for generations ahead. Produced mostly by hand with the aide of CNC machining where traditional techniques do not apply, solely using native wood species ONDU strives to keep their production local and true to their basic idea of doing as little harm as possible. The products currently encompass 14 different models of cameras with various wood combinations,  film sizes, focal lengths and is always expanding depending on the needs of the user base.


ONDU d.o.o., Slovenia

ONDU d.o.o., Slovenia

Year of production

ONDU – Elvis Halilović

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