Lady, Ljubljana

Our client wanted to keep her apartment bright, seemingly warm and simply shaped, with some addition of blue which she adores so much. That is why we sought conceptual inspiration from the period of Bauhaus and many times overlooked Elieen Gray\’s interiors. With its clean lines and functionality her pieces were nevertheless designed with comfort in mind in addition to a great deal of feminine elegance and glamour.
The interior was designed by carefully playing with volumes and voids according to their function while dematerializing them and maximizing their use. As such the design is consistent through the whole apartment – each full element is useful and intended for a specific purpose and each void is formed with the knowledge that it can soon be filled. The latter basically functions on its own, but if the owner fills it with objects such as paintings, statues or some useful pieces such as fashion accessories and dresses, they (the objects) are placed in a functional frame or compositional context and do not act foreign.


idea:list studio; Urša Kres, Tina Begović, Urban Pahor


Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
62 m2

Blaž Gutman

Project Partners

Mizarstvo Alič s.p., KAUCH, Tapetništvo Luka Debevec s.p., NOVA Showroom, Dorval d.o.o., Sense of Design, Meavista d.o.o., UVA Javornik in Javornik d.n.o.

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