Experience Treetops, Vače

There is a small beautiful village in the centre of Slovenia called Slivna. It is a very lively place during the day with its geometrical centre of the country, adventure park and nice walking route. But when the day starts turning towards the evening and when all guests start leaving, it becomes very peaceful. At that time we start preparing supper in the meadow and your bed in the chosen tree (spruce, oak, ash, hornbeam, walnut, birch/beech). After supper you will climb up a tree and give into scents and noises of nature and the person next to you. Safe in the shelter of a canopy you will fall asleep and in the mornin be awaken by sunbeams and birds singing. Your breakfast basket will already be waiting for you at the edge of your tree-bed.

You can also enjoy picnic on the platform in treetops or afternoon with a view in a hanging bed.


Authors of the story/idea
Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p.

Linija sport, Miloš Kimovec s.p.

Vače, Slovenia

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