Camac Space, dizajn in izvedba d. o. o.

Camac Space, dizajn in izvedba d. o. o.

At Camac Space, we're dedicated to redefining the future of work by creating intelligent, sustainable workplaces that prioritize user experience, health, and innovation. Recognizing that a significant portion of our lives is spent at work, we aim to make this time meaningful and productive.
Our approach integrates business strategy with data, team insights, and your core values to develop unique environments that align with your goals. We specialize in sustainable, smart buildings that focus on employee well-being, utilizing standards like LEED, WELL, and Smart Building Certification (SBC). With in-house accredited professionals, we ensure each project meets high standards of sustainability and smart design.
We believe in creating spaces that not only connect and inspire but also reflect a holistic vision of corporate real estate, blending physical and virtual environments through technology. This allows us to offer workplaces that support your business objectives while enhancing the overall employee experience.
By combining the latest in design and build practices with a focus on holistic ESG principles, Camac Space is at the forefront of creating adaptive, future-ready workplaces in the Alpe-Adria region and beyond.

David Oštir
David is focused on organizational analysis of workplaces and its sustainable development. He is an advocate for and champion of digital technology, and deeply passionate about its potential in the Real Estate industry. At the same time, he is equally driven by sustainable practices that advance resource efficiency and energy management throughout the project lifecycle. He has delivered over 270 million of project across Europe and is a member of MCIOB and has WELL AP accreditation.

Manja Križnik
Manja focuses on change management and wellbeing within workplace. She is also an accredited WELL AP and can help clients achieve Silver, Gold or Platinum building certification. End users need to have a healthy work environment, starting with good quality air, water and ergonomics. She has past experience in construction, specifically in passive fire protection in commercial and residential real estate.

Andrej Fabiani
Andrej was previously Head of Investment and Facilities. His foundations are built on Site Management and Project Management experience and his speciality are office and hotel fit-outs. He delivered over 250 million in Slovenia and London and is well versed in construction laws and responsibilities of each party in the project execution.

Idealno zasnovano delovno mestoHR&M Konferenca, Ljubljana2021
Advanced Sustainable Buildings in Smart CitiesEU Tech Chamber, London2021

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The entire project, from the introductory workshops, analysis, design, to build, was overseen by CAMAC Space. They have been collaborating closely with the German HQ and followed the strict
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