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In an ambitious collaboration, our team partnered with the client to devise a forward-thinking workspace strategy, reflecting their vision for growth, employee well-being, and corporate objectives. Emphasizing sustainability and modern work practices, we revitalized their office environment to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

Our approach to renovation prioritized eco-friendliness, creatively repurposing existing furnishings and optimizing the layout to meet staff needs. The redesigned space now boasts brainstorming areas, spacious conference rooms, private phone booths, and ample socializing zones, all aimed at nurturing creativity, collaboration, and comfort for its legal professionals. Beyond strategy formulation, our comprehensive project management ensured seamless execution, coordinating closely with the client, investors, and external teams. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to creating workspaces that not only reflect a company’s values and readiness for business expansion but also support a dynamic and thriving employee culture.


CAMAC Space d.o.o.

Ketler & Parnters, member of Karanović

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
1.000 m2

Luka Rudman

Project Partners


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