Dragons Dream Hostel, Ljubljana

Dragon’s Dream hostel in Ljubljana was delivered by CAMAC Space. 300 m2 space, which was delivered in 2021, is the first hostel in the world to achieve the Silver Smart Building Certification and the first one that received Smart certification globally. The Dragons Dream hostel is a great example of how to optimize the use of space to make it look and feel stunning. A former basement gym was transformed into a space that mimics a dragon’s den and the visual & audio features enhance the user experience towards that goal. The hostel can accommodate up to 48 guests. CAMAC Space was tasked to create a completely autonomous hostel, for the owner of the building to be able to run the entire hostel without any staff members physically present. Guests access the hostel and rooms via QR codes, the system notifies the cleaning partner once the room is empty, lighting and air control adapts accordingly to space usage. Its main function is to serve as a quick stop, refresh and go, for a fast-paced lifestyle. A statement of smart, sustainable goals and a hostel to inspire individuals and a younger generations creativity.


Camac Space d.o.o.

Dragons Dream hostel in turizem, d.o.o.

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
300 m2

Project Partners

Viviot, Robotina, Mizarstvo Jamnik, Kovinar Kočevje, Eko Stil, Baloh International

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