Office ECM Partners, Ljubljana

The client has been relocated into new space within existing building. CAMAC Space executed both design and build phase, alongside the move. They like to think that they have played a small part in client’s success by providing a platform for their talented staff to work in the most productive and profitable way. The finance sector doesn’t want slides and swings in their office; however, they want to provide their staff with a great workplace, a space that gives their clients confidence in the company’s ability to handle big financial decisions. The space that CAMAC created uses top-notch materials with a simple and elegant design. It exudes a sense of confidence, yet allows its users to feel relaxed. The vibe is very relaxing and there is beautiful greenery everywhere, even on the ceilings. That, coupled with resting spaces, collaboration areas, a kitchen and shower area, alongside adjustable desks with excellent quality ergonomic chairs, allow employees to feel great in their environment.


Camac Space d.o.o.

ECM Partnerji, d.d.

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
340 m2

Project Partners

Radiel Group, Slikopleskarstvo Raspotnik, Tecnografica S.p.a (TB solution d.o.o. slovenski zastopnik), Glamora Srl (PRODOMUS d.o.o. je slovenski zastopnik), Mizarstvo Jamnik, Baloh

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