In response to the pandemic-induced shift towards remote work, our team reimagined Worldline’s workspace, aligning with their evolving company culture and productivity goals. Emphasizing sustainability, we chose Croatia’s only LEED Platinum-certified business center as our canvas. Our design features a vibrant, spacious office environment equipped with ergonomic furniture, tailored to foster collaboration and well-being. The layout includes diverse spaces – from expansive open areas and phone booths to meeting rooms, a kitchen, and casual seating zones. This strategic variety supports flexible work styles and enhances team connectivity, marking a significant step forward in workplace design.

Our project with Worldline not only showcases our expertise in creating spaces that respond to contemporary challenges but also our commitment to promoting sustainability and supporting our clients’ success. Proud of this collaborative achievement, we believe it exemplifies innovative architectural practice and our dedication to excellence.


CAMAC Space d.o.o.

Worldline Zagreb

Year of completion

Zagreb, Croatia

Total area
200 m2

Melisa Košar

Project Partners


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