The Carinthian house

Koroška hiša (The Carinthian house), caught in the valley of the Drava river, between Pohorje and Kozjak, tells its own unique story of the beautiful province and people, who characterized it, through wood, stones, porcelain and wild-growing herbs. Mizica pogrne se (The wishing table), Okusi Pohorja (Flavors of Pohorje), Korenine Koroške hiše (the roots of Carinthia house) and 3LOVE 4YOU are the products, based on hospitality and local gastronomy, while offering a tourist stay with a hint of past and the possibility of discovering the hidden spots of Carinthia.


Author of the creative story
Helena Kresnik Pažek, owner of The Carinthian house

Year of completion

Muta, Slovenia

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