Piro Fusion

Introducing Piro Fusion, the revolutionary 3D printed patient-specific orthosis transforming the lives of children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions. The ergonomic design is carefully configured based on 3D scans and in collaboration with orthotics, ensuring unparalleled comfort and functionality. Piro Fusion is visually pleasing and embraces aesthetics as an essential element in orthotic care. Piro Fusion uses plant-based materials and waste-free manufacturing through 3D printing. This medical device not only improves lives but also contributes to a sustainable future. The emotional impact of the Piro Fusion is further enhanced by personalized color and configuration, enhancing the emotional connection between the child and the medical device.


Invent Medical Group; Tomas Bouma, Marek Fuciman

Invent Medical Group, s.r.o.

Year of production

Petr Chapcak

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