Make it your way! Like a chameleon changing its skin, Camaleo changes its form, color, texture and material structure. There’s no need to change the whole luminaire, but just its ‘skin’ – by sliding the old cover out and placing the new cover in. Simple as that. Camaleo offers endless opportunities for an aesthetic transformation and deliver optimal illumination. Combine a straight-edge profile with a wooden finish and then change it to a bended profile with a texture-based structure. Different finishes, like colour combinations, textile, wood, stone and other materials are available. It is specifically designed for projects that demand high-quality lighting systems and high visual comfort. Design affects product sustainability and Lifecycle in multiple ways. Camaleo’s modular design allows it to be used as an individual fixture or in combination with other luminaires. Giving you the flexibility to your specific needs. Camaleo is the perfect solution for those who want to customize their lighting. With its innovative design, endless possibilities for customization, and modular construction, offers a versatile and functional lighting system suitable for any interior.


Procenta; Bojan Ceglar

Led Luks d.o.o.

Year of production

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