The company PILON provides IT support for architectural design and Building Information Modelling (BIM) to connect with other engineering disciplines. The solutions we market enable us to optimise the energy requirements and carbon footprint of the architectural project already at the conceptual stage, when this is the most important and sensible. Our experience enables us to analyse, prepare solutions and educate in the fields of architectural design, transition to BIM, engineering simulations, schedule preparation and visualisation. Unique presentation possibilities make it easier to get new projects and less problems in their realisation.

Photo 1: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj / 3LHD
Photo 2: Riyadh residence, / Atelje S
Photo 3: Kataloghytta Sno / Norgeshus
Photo 4: Typhoon Vision/ Superform
Photo 5: University Library Freiburg, Germany DEGELO ARCHITEKTEN

Reference awarded projects are Future Park by Bond Bryan Architects; Waste Management Center Amager Bakke/Copenhill by BIG-BJARKE INGELS GROUP and in Slovenia the Typhoon Vision by Superform; IKEA BTC by Elea IC, Crystal Palace by Biro S


Which problem the novelty, innovation, enhancement presented addresses/solves?:
With the use of advanced BIM architectural design solutions, architects will be able to devote more time to design architecture and less time preparing documentation, with 2D and 3D control and with other professions involved in design on the same reference model, the project will consequently have fewer errors that are usually detected late in the process or on the construction site. Each change is entered only once because it reflects on the entire documentation, including the schedules.

Why you think architects should be aware of this?
Use of ARCHICAD for design allows architects to create a better project in a shorter time with a smaller team.

Current responses from clients
With tenders that require use of BIM process, there is an increasing interest in switching to more advanced architectural design solutions. We are in the middle of process of changing generic 2D tools, which began to be massively used with the advent of PCs in the previous century, with more dedicated solutions tailored to the profession. In architectural design it is important to use libraries with intelligent parametric objects and to use the information that these objects carry with them (eg, whether a wall is load bearing or not, is part of an outer envelope of a building or partition, etc.). Also, today\’s design tools allow you to create various simulations to create a better project and export various schedules.


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