Pet Flat – Pet furniture for design thinking

Good design is always a response for a problem, great design is even more. It is aesthetically pleasing while it’s giving the answer for the issue. During the development of the Pet Flat our aim was to deliver both, after we adopted our dog. We needed to find a place for him, but since the market is limited for dog-houses, as an architect I started to seek the most suitable form for any kind of condition. After several years the idea became a product, and now it is a new perspective for our beloved animals. Pet Flat is designed with conscious thinking, shaped by caring hands and manufactured by high-quality materials. With the smart features and beautiful look it is not just a joy for them, but a pleasure for us as well. The sliding panel on the back lets the air flow around and moderate the temperature in the summer,  and keeps the inside warm on colder days. The side door hides a space for the food, and the opening underneath has a feeder containing the water. A memory foam with a durable sheet adds extra comfort. It also stands perfectly in outdoor conditions with the water resistant joints, but if we would like to use it inside, it can be a useful decoration of the interior.  Pet Flat is a furniture that can be the focal point in any kind of circumstances, and a perfect place for our Favourites.


Istvan Ulmann, Hungary

Tilia 2002 kft., Hungary

Year of production

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