One80 Izakaya

Located in Ghajnsielem, Gozo, “one80 Izakaya” is KEIRO’s homage to Japanese authenticity and sustainable innovation. Our journey began by embracing the client’s vision for a high-end izakaya outlet, coupled with a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Meticulously selected materials, such as wood and stone, strike a delicate balance between Japanese aesthetics and durability. Beyond design, this sustainability extends to the outlet’s transformation of a vacant garage into a vibrant community space.

Collaboration with local artisans and craftsmen was pivotal, ensuring that each design element not only celebrated Japanese hospitality but also showcased the richness of local talent. The result is a harmonious blend, seamlessly transporting patrons to the heart of Japan. “one80 Izakaya” is more than an outlet; it’s a living narrative of culture, innovation, and community enhancement. Every detail, from the carefully chosen materials to the collaborative craftsmanship, weaves together tradition and modernity, creating an immersive experience that resonates with both authenticity and sustainability.


KEIRO Architecture and Design; Keith Schembri, Rosianne Schembri

one80 Group

Year of completion

Ghajnsielem, Gozo, Malta

Total area
73 m2

Matt Hush

Project Partners

Carpenter: Ezy Fit Ltd; Mario Gerada
Readymade furniture: Spiteri Catering; David Spiteri
Catering equipment: Spiteri Catering; David Spiteri
Turnkey: Noel Turnkey Ltd; Mr Noel Zammit
Tiles and sanitaryware: Lady Ceramica; Gabriella Macrì
M&Es: ECL Consulting Engineers; Ing. Johan Aloisio
ACs: Cutrico Ltd; Keith Fenech
Aluminium: KS Cuschieri LTD; Keith Cuschieri
Marble: Desana Marbles; Deborah Pace Gasan
Electrical and plumbing works: John Paul Buttigieg
Signs: NGD Signs
Sound: Futuretech Pro Audio; Enzo Attard
Lighting: OK Home; Shawn Buttigieg

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