Moon House / Callin Wines

The name of the tiny house Moon is related to the biodynamic orientation of winemaking with the fact that the moon gives nature a rhythm. The house is architecturally related to the autochthonous Karst architecture (steep gable roof, dark grey colour is related to the colour of the local stones, dark brown interiors wall are related to the colour of the soil, use of oak wood, local stones, etc.). By self-restoring the surrounding dry walls and by planting local and Mediterranean plants, especially herbs, the designers also wanted to emphasize the importance of preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Karst.


Peter Ličen, Riccardo Callin

Tourism Entrepreneur
Riccardo Callin

Year of completion

Kazlje, Slovenia

Riccardo Callin

Project partners

Slamp Lights, Muuto, Vondom, Fabita, Swisspearl-Eternit, Flexura, Abc net, Senčila Bled

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