I have taken a plane many times, however, flying is always an exciting experience for me. Being in my seat and seeing how, as if by magic, the plane takes off and with every second things seem smaller down there. And I feel how, after many years, I keep looking down out of the window as when I was a child. Already from the air, I start seeing the roads, villages, fields, mountains… And finally, just clouds. From this experience, the Lands collection was born. A collection of wood trays inspired by aerial landscapes.

Lands is a set of six wooden trays that perfectly correspond with each other. This concept, in combination with meticulous craftsmanship and modern production processes creates a series of products that are, at the same time, aesthetic and functional. The trays are made from solid Ash and Walnut wood. They can be used separately, even though they function best when arranged together, allowing users to find the combination that works best. Finally, all trays can be used on both sides. The zig-zag surface ensures the stability and movement of the trays.


Carlos Jimenez Design; Carlos Jimenez, Spain

GIR ltd., Serbia

Year of production

Tatjana Zlatkovic

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