Contemporary bistro Monstera has come to life in the former aristocratic district of Ljubljana city center. The term “bistro” represents a smaller, simple restaurant, defined by the food served there. The main theme of the renovation was to connect the space, food and guests, who would feel at home. Its underlying theme is the Monstera deliciosa plant, which occupies its honorable place right next to the bar. The plant is interweaved with the space in subtly revealed details that symbolize the plant in an abstract way. Architectural intervention reflects the clarity and functionality of a small space, and follows the principle less is more, while the new coherently complements past fragments of space: the brick wall preserves the 1897 floral print, the concrete traces of the former ground plan in the marble floor, while the entrance was added a new glazed partition, which immediately connects visitors with the hustle and bustle of Monstera bistro.








Author: Maja Stamenković
Collaborator: Zala Peršin
Photography: Janez Marolt
Client: Kulinarični atelje d.o.o.
Year of completion: 2016
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia


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