MONOLITH and In-Castro are born from the mind of Padiglione B Architecture Firm to give form to a concept of a marble bathroom that from the marble itself in inspired, achieved thanks to A.A.T.C. Marmi e Graniti. MONOLITH brings the idea from the concept of a marble bathroom that from the marble itself takes inspiration, realized by A.A.T.C Mar-mi e Graniti thanks to its long-lasting experience in the research of materials and how to make extraordinary the use of marble and stone, making the architecture precious. MONOLITH is now an elementary form for a bathroom to be used in the exterior in which we can find toilet and bidet; outside we can find a shower and sink. MONOLITH is conceived to be placed close to private swimming pools, terraces, building roofs, or gardens. MONOLITH is built with marble called Verde Alpi (Green Alps), which veining recall the ripples of a tempest sea with the aim of being a homage to the nature of water and to the main noble material that is marble which can be easily changed with other local stones. In-Castro is a play between different materials with different colors giving a rectangular form to the table hold up by two elements perfectly embedded without use of any different material.


Padiglione B

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