Padiglione B

Padiglione B

It is an architecture firm founded in 2018 by architects Chiara Tenca and Alberto Bassi. The firm operates both in the recovery sector
architectural and in the development of interior design, working on a small scale scale and taking care of every detail that the project requires. PavilionB is located in Verona and carries out, with its collaborators, projects that are mainly born from the constant search for design and architectural references, both locally and internationally. Development and research topics include the national and international competitions on which part of the resources are concentrated of the office in order to progress in the project investigation and working metho that can best shape our profession today.

Chiara Tenca
She deals with design, research and coordinates the production process of Studio Padiglione B. Chiara has training experience linked to the Casa Clima world, as well as the university environment as a collaborator at the Polytechnic of Milan. In the past he acted as a speaker for the magazine of the Order of Architects of Verona. Today she is engaged as Secretary of the Order of Verona and is responsible for managing part of the Council of the Order as well as maintaining relations with the other Italian Orders.
Chiara is passionate about sport and nature. In his free time he loves walking in the mountains and practicing winter sports.

Alberto Bassi, graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 2006, initially worked in interiors for a well-known clothing brand. Over the years he developed a certain sensitivity for the research of materials and the detailed development of projects. At Pavilion B he deals with design research and construction management. A Vespa enthusiast, Alberto plays a role as treasurer within the Vespa Club Verona.


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