Liberty Garda

The job we are introducing concerns the complete renovation of a Vil-a built during the Liberty style in the early 1900s, located in the village of Garda, small center placed alongside the coastlines of the homonymous lake. The building has been the object of a long and troubled story that has led to a situation of neglect and loss of the characteristics of the original structure. The family that now owns the property was looking for a mansion with characteristic individuated in this old building that gave the chance of high customization. Our approach was creating, for the interior, a sensation of simple elegance integrating, with few gestures, furniture, and finishings to add value to the space. In this sense, the new paving realized in “Venetian Seminato”, an ancient technique that can be found in several Liberty buildings, is reinterpreted among feeble tones for becoming a sort of anachromatic canvas upon which it would be possible to paint the new space according to the owner’s demands.


Padiglione B

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