Residential building Fotevski

Imperfect perfection or unsymmetrical symmetry. The concept of imperfect perfection related to the philosophical concept ofdecomposition, which refers to the separation of a whole into its residual parts when applied to architecture can lead to the discovery of hidden values. When designing the Fotevski residential building, the approach is wider than the usual engineering one. The standard constructive and functional dilemmas are solved by the author, that is, they do not represent a special challenge. An attempt was made to move to a higher level of thinking. The approach is philosophical. The concept of imperfect perfection, during the design of the Fotevski residential building, is manifested through non-symmetrical symmetry as an aesthetic category. Unsymmetrical symmetry can be defined as the juxtaposition of unsymmetrical, not obvious enough elements, which nevertheless create an impression of calmness and symmetry, i.e. two opposing forces that complement each other create harmony, and for the architect it represents a challenge and an opportunity to create unique shapes that they go beyond traditional standards and rules


Arhi Grup Plan A – Petroski architects

Gradba Grup; Srgjan Fotevski

Year of completion

Skopje, North Macedonia

Total area
1.100 m2

Site area
500 m2

Petroski Oliver

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Gradba Grup1; Srgjan Fotevski

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