Blue 9, Skopje

The initial point of the project was blue color & light. These elements were given to us point-blank by the client and the rest is a result of our vision of structuring them in the space. The style which we aimed at was a modern classic. The elements in the apartment are almost in full custom-made, carefully chosen and harmonized. The work with the suppliers was detailed and extensive in producing this concrete color of furniture making “Blue 9” whole. The kitchen is fresh and wide in design with emphasis in blue color and open elements. The kitchen island is communicating with the living and dining room using chair details made of the same material. The mid-century modern element encircling the TV is safeguarded by a wall made in decorative texture, one of the twins made to give depth to the room. The wood and metal wall clock and tables are just some of the beauties in “Blue 9” fully designed by VIGO DESIGN.


VIGO DESIGN; Nina Popovska


Year of completion

Skopje, North Macedonia

Total area
40 m2

Vase Amanito Petrovski

Project Partners

Jumis Luxury, Elite Sofa, MNSM Light

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