Idadija III Reconstruction

At the very heart of Skopje’s city center, in the Debar Maalo neighborhood, there is a small family-owned restaurant by the name of Idadija III. Well-known and well-loved by locals and tourists alike, this tiny gem holds the most beautiful and most interesting stories of many past generations, still standing proudly to serve as the focal gathering point for young people today. The original building was erected almost a century ago and has stood the test of time through wars, floods and a devastating earthquake. Throughout the years it has been a home, a shelter, a place to gather and celebrate life. As the structure transitioned from one function onto another, it held decades worth of transformations and had become extremely dilapidated. The old landmark was in dire need of a functional, structural and safety reconstruction, as well as a fresh design and complete renovation of the interior. The new look is an ode to the past, the cultural milieu, the history and the present context. The harmonization of warm lights and cool natural tones, a mixed use of metal, brick and wood – all symbolize the eclectic setting of this present-day taverna. A new charm for old bohemians.


Ninovski Architects; Simona Ninovska, Dejan Ninovski


Year of completion

Skopje, North Macedonia

Total area
41 m2

Dejan Ninovski

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