Bedrie Bebeziqi School, Durres

The earthquake on 26.11.2019 caused irreparable damages in Durrës city. Bedrie Bebeziqi School was one of them. Initially it was designed for dwelling purposes and later was destined as an educational facility, hosting 450 scholars.
Not being designed as an educational facility in the first place, its site raised several issues to be resolved. The small size of the site (745 m2), its proximity to high-rise buildings and the large number of scholars (450), were some of the challenges to be addressed. The main purposes were: aligning the classrooms to face south direction, finding a solution that made possible the largest useful area on the yard, as well as adding the necessary functional spaces needed for a decent educational facility.
Aesthetically, the facility volume is composed from rational geometry that yields composition unity through its sunscreens. The colors are chosen to create a playful environment for the children, as well as to give to the neighborhood a joyful feeling.


Atria Studio; Enola Martopullo, Anita Hajdari, Albano Guma

Albanian Development Fund & Durres Municipality

Year of completion

Durres, Albania

Total area
2.035 m2

Site area
745 m2

Dardan Vukaj & Albano Guma

Project Partners

Albanian Development Fund & Durres Municipality

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