MODULO – Ecological disinfection device using diamond nanotechnology

Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the regenerative disinfection system Modulo replaces chemical disinfection with environmentally friendly application of carbon nanomaterials for hand sanitation and air disinfection. Module 1 provides sensor-controlled purification of air by photocatalysis, based on the oxidation of micropollutants. A ceramic foam component coated by TiO2/boron-doped diamond substrate allows airflow through pores powered by a fan and penetration of the UV light, degrading harmful substances in the air. Module 3 provides contactless dosing of water with disinfectant properties, through its closed-loop production using advanced oxidation processes and water electrolysis utilizing nano-crystalline boron-doped diamond electrodes.


Michala Lipková, Vlasta Kubušová, Ivana Palušová, Jana Vlčková, Slovakia

Technical cooperation:
– Modules 1 + 3: Marian Vojs, Martin Vrška – Slovak Diamond Group, Institute of Electronics and Photonics
– Module 2: Richard Balog, Adam Ružička – Institute of Automotive Mechatronics

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia

Year of production

Adam Šakový

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