Mix Armchair: Mix was to design a handy product that answer the changed habits of the younger generation in life, such as frequent moving from one small apartment to another. Our ambition for selecting the materials for Mix was to find a combination of eye-catching and forward-looking materials. Our piece is a combination of light-toned ash and KRION, an acrylic stone with numerous positive properties. Releasable screw joints to ensure safe and strong assembly and disassembly are a stark contrast to the rabbet and leg structure joined with conventional wood joints calling up Scandinavian furniture making traditions. Assembly and disassembly is easy and takes only minutes, which is important not only for the above mentioned flat-pack solution and inherent economy of packaging, storage and transport, but this is the structural answer of Mix to the demands of the so-called urban nomad target group whose lifestyle is to be constantly on the move. We had economic serial production in mind during design and construction with the choice of durable, high-quality materials, easy assembly and simply detachable joints, compactness and streamlined packaging using only what is necessary.









About the authors:

4MS was established by industrial engineer Sarolta Csoma and product designer Máté Horváth. Our first succes is Mix armchair which was also awarded by Hungarian Design Award in 2018. This object is considered as the embodiment of our credo – the success of a product resides in the involvement of users in the design process, so they feel closer to the object as a result. Besides product design, interior design projects are also marked by our name. Our goal is to create an environment that they can be proud of as designers and residents. The conventional good design approach is important for us, because it does not only mean a well designed furniture and an attractive object, but one that offers maximum functionality and comfort, and stands up to both ergonomic and ecological challenges.


Design: 4MS Design; Máté Horváth, Sarolta Csoma
Producer: Nezozen Kft.
Photos: Noa Schiller
Year of production: 2018