Introducing LINK, the world’s first Flipshoe! A revolutionary footwear innovation that combines the best of flip-flops and traditional shoes. The Flipshoe offers unrivaled breathability and freedom while ensuring the utmost safety and comfort. Designed specifically for your fast-paced urban lifestyle, it provides a valuable and less invasive way to enjoy both freedom and security. With the Flipshoe, you no longer have to compromise between style and comfort. It’s a game-changer for those seeking versatile footwear options. Whether you’re walking, cycling, skateboarding, or engaging in any activity, the Flipshoe is perfect for all occasions. Putting on and taking off the shoes is effortless, and they provide excellent arch support, eliminating the common problem of sweaty and odorous feet.


Padwa Design, Olga Kravchenko & Yehuda Azoulay, Israel

Year of production

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