Theatrica door

The first smart entrance wall in the world.

Amazing. Unique. Rewarded. Smart. Stunning. Just like you.

5000 years is enough.

A classic door was invented 5,000 years ago before we invented the bike. And in these millennia, virtually nothing has changed.
Until Theatrica.

This is not a door.

Theatrica has no door handle because it doesn’t need it. It does not need any hinges because it does not rotate.
Theatrica magically disappears into the wall and magically slides out of it.

It opens only for you.

Theatrica is an entrance wall that magically unlocks and opens only to the owner. Automatically. With no touch. Theatrica sees you and opens just by look

It’s smart.

You do not have to do anything. Theatrica opens automatically when it recognizes you, then softly closes behind you.

It’s safe.

If you wish to stop the closing process, a gentle movement is enough, and it will stop immediately. It remembers everyone who wants to enter and informs you about them.

It’s beautiful.

Theatrica is an unrevealed secret with no door handle. An entrance that is elegantly hidden in the adjacent wall which can also be glass. With topmost and timeless forms.

It’s magnificent.

It can be wood, stone, glass, aluminium or anything you have always wanted on your house. A wonderful palette of colours and sheens.

Doesn’t know any boundaries.

It can disappear into a wall that can also be glass. It is the first and main element of surprise at the most beautiful houses. An explosion of inspiration and creativity.

Pirnar d.o.o., Slovenia

Pirnar d.o.o., Slovenia

Year of production

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