Kafanica, Osijek

‘’Kafanica’’ is designed as a modern interpretation of a traditional tavern elements. The main goal was to create a new nightlife center and positive atmosphere place. Combination of wood, steel and traditional patterns are making pleasant scenography for all kind of events. Central bar is the accent in space, but also is a repeating element and represents the connection with the pub upstairs. Those two levels are interconnected, forming a unity together. The idea was to make symbiosis of traditional spirit and modern interpretation in one place.


A4 Studio

Tvrdja UGO d.o.o.

Year of completion

Osijek, Croatia

Total area
260 m2

Miloš Martinović

Project Partners

BHT, WOW Progetti d\’Interni, Union Drvo d.o.o., Struja d.o.o., OCTOGON d.o.o., S.A.B. AMBIJENT d.o.o.

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