Access and presentation of Petrapilosa castle, Buzet

The medieval feudal fortress of Petrapilosa functioned from the 12th to 17th century. It was ruined and abandoned after a fire in the 1620s. The conservation, restoration and stabilization of the built structures lasted from 1999-2019.
The Project of Access and Presentation of Petrapilosa Castle consists of the addition of new architectural elements to enable access to upper levels of the castle and to facilitate occasional and temporary events on the site. All new architectural elements are made of materials with reduced need for maintenance. The load bearing structures are made of weathering steel with no need for additional corrosion protection during time, while the tactile elements for benches, floorings and steps are made of long lasting hardwood. New interventions are differentiated from the historical building. Various infrastructure is provided to ease the setup of occasional cultural manifestations, concerts and other performances on this remote location.


Architecture: Vjekoslav Gasparovic; Praksa Cooperative, Civil engineering project: Borivoj Sapundzic; Sap.Ing. d.o.o.
Collaboration: Josip Višnjić, Phd; Croatian Conservation Institute, Conservation: Nataša Nefat; Conservation Department in Pula

City of Buzet

Year of completion

Buzet, Croatia

Total area
1.300 m2

Site area
1.300 m2

Vjekoslav Gasparovic, Robert Vretenar

Project Partners

Kapitel d.o.o.

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