House deMarchi

House deMarchi seeks to answer the question of how to meet today’s standards of luxury living in the Mediterranean while maintaining the identity of the place and time in balance with the aspirations of the user. Sunk into the karst, agave, and rocks of the island of Brač, the house integrates with nature as a motif, resulting in the thematization of Mediterranean drywall.

By meandering the wall through the ground floor of the house, interior and exterior living spaces are formed, upon which two volumes of a more intimate program, a typological reinterpretation of traditional architecture, discreetly sit. The promenade, with its diverse palette of ambiences, poetically leads the user around the house, while the atrium intuitively draws one into the heart of the house.


Aalto Architectural Bureau

Eric deMarchi

Year of completion

Brač Island, Croatia

Total area
245 m2

Site area
1.190 m2

Luka Barković

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